This site is a hobby and passion project of mine to learn new technologies and teach others. I’m a self-taught technologist by night and a professional security architect at three fortune 100 companies by day.

Other interesting things, I’m a CEO and Director of the non-profit www.handlebarsforhope.org and a part-time rental property manager.

My journey started with dropping out of high school to help my family with bills. I studied and completed my GED and worked night shifts at fast food while I continued my education at community college. Eventually, I got accepted into Indiana University Business School where I got my bachelors in applied business economics and finance and minored in sociology and political sciences ….

A year later, I completed my masters degree in Information Systems Management and double majored in cyber-security and enterprise systems.

Over the years, I found a passion learning more and more and spending countless personal hours teaching myself programming, automation, cloud security and writing. I’ve studied the ins-and-outs of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Active Directory, React/Angular web development, Kubernetes containers and ethical hacking.