AWS Study Guide

Learn the basics

This document is not intended to “teach” anything specifically, instead it lays out my personal framework for systematically learning important concepts. This is the order and content I read while studying… There are 1000’s of nested pages of architecture and developer guides to sift though and it can easily become a rabbit hole…

I follow a simple principle, write down all the things you don’t know and assume and then go learn learn and validate them …

Currently porting over some old study guides and notes, this page is still work in progress while I find time to port my notes …

know what you don’t know – KWYDK

where are GCP locations, regions and zones

basic building blocks of AWS

how are you billed in AWS

what internal security does AWS have (Not the cloud offerings)

what enterprise organizations should learn first

what do smaller organizations learn first

how are identities managed in AWS

resource hierarchy and access control

how are users authenticated to the platform?

how is authorization handled in AWS?

how do you connect to/from AWS vpc and services?

how do you connect within AWS vpC?

what are the core security options within AWS?

what are common / popular services i should dig into next?

what are some third party security technologies?

what are some online training resources?

exam practices questions because i just care about certs?